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Choose from various exhibition stand systems

 Deciding on the perfect exhibition stand system is one of the most important decisions in exhibition marketing. Sensible investment in your exhibition stand means giving fundamental thought to the type of exhibition stand to only invest in equipment that is tailored to you. This way, you save your fair trade budget for unnecessary equipment and positively contribute to your company's results.

There are three types of exhibition stands:

  • Pop up booths
  • Modular exhibition stand systems
  • Individual exhibition stands

Each booth system has its advantages and disadvantages. The question you need to ask yourself when choosing a suitable exhibition stand for you is not only a question of the size of the frame but also the budget and usage requirements the frame should meet. People from around the world participating in the exhibition stand Dubai.

A pop-up stand may be your best bet if you're on a budget and want to avoid an extensive setup. However, if you have a fair trade budget and would like to participate in several trade fairs, then a modular stand is the best choice for flexible and efficient use for these multiple uses. In addition, you also have the option of having a tailor-made and individual boothHaving it designed and built can also be the right choice depending on your requirements.

According to recent studies, the priority for most exhibitors is easy assembly and disassembly, followed by the presentation of a consistent brand image, which requires a high degree of flexibility in using graphics across different stand types. Further mentioned are minimum assembly and dismantling costs, shipping and storage.

Based on these requirements, let us briefly go into the essential points of the different types of exhibition stands.

Point 1 - Easy assembly and disassembly

How important is the decision to favor an exhibition stand system that is easy to set up and take down? After all, 96% of the exhibitors surveyed stated that it was important to them that their booths be set up and dismantled quickly. Choose Shaz Tech exhibition stand display design company in Dubai.

Pop-Up Stands: Pop-up stands are the easiest solution for setup and packaging. This exhibition stand is lightweight, easy to transport, and can be set up and dismantled in just a few minutes with little effort.

Modular exhibition stand systems -Modular exhibition stands also allow assembly and disassembly from prefabricated parts that are not too complex and that your sales team can carry out themselves without technical knowledge. These systems are also mobile and compact in handling packaging and transport, which can be carried out in the trunk of your car, thus reducing your logistics costs.

Custom Exhibition Stands – Bespoke exhibition stands are made from wood and require a specialist team for assembly and dismantling due to their more extensive and complex construction. So it would help if you kept in mind that the cost of setting up and taking down is included in your budget.

Point 2 - Consistent brand image

How important is the presentation of a uniform brand appearance when choosing a fair trade stand? 94% of the exhibitors surveyed consider the consistent representation of their brand image to be particularly important.

Pop-Up Stands: Pop-up stands are one of the most affordable tools to showcase your brand at events. With a limited budget, you can showcase your brand message through a pop-up stand at an affordable price. Here you show your presence, but not to the same extent as with a modular or even individual exhibition stand.

Modular Exhibition Stand Systems: Modular exhibition stands offer great flexibility as they can be used for multiple exhibitions. They are a one-off investment that contributes to lasting branding – they are flexible and can be used numerous times at different events.

Custom Booths: Preferred by many large companies with big budgets, bespoke booths are the most customized form of presentation for your brand but are custom built for a specific event space for one-time use only, based on the requirements of your brand message. A concise presentation of your brand, but with a high-cost factor in mind.

Point 3 - Flexibility with changing graphics and different stand formats

How important is it when choosing one booth to have a high degree of flexibility for exchanging graphics and flexible use on stand areas that vary in size? Also, 90% of the exhibitors surveyed show high importance.

Pop-Up Stands: Replacing a graphic in a popup stand is straightforward. However, this format is not optimal for adapting to different stand sizes since the selected design cannot be changed.

Modular Exhibition Stand Systems: Easily switchable graphics are one of the unique advantages of modular exhibition stands. They are made of prefabricated parts and can be customized to different sizes depending on your exhibition needs. On this basis, you can easily exchange the graphics in a modular exhibition stand and adapt this system exhibition stand to different stand areas.

Custom Booths: A bespoke booth is undoubtedly compelling for your unique, concise appearance, but adapting your booth to a new space can be time-consuming, and changing or replacing graphics isn't as easy.

So ask yourself the above questions at the beginning of your planning to make the best of your fair trade appearance, considering an optimal price-performance ratio.

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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Pancakes with fruits, a step by step recipe

What if we have some delicious pancakes with fruit for breakfast? In a moment, we have them ready and we can have breakfast as a family, the way I like it!

Pancakes are my weakness, on Sundays I take the opportunity to prepare them and we put on our boots! I like to flavor them with vanilla and sprinkle grated coconut on top and lots of fruit. Know more about Bosporus Turkish Restaurant In Dubai.

Although we can also add chocolate, syrup... whatever we like the most!

As we eat pancakes on special occasions, I used a flower-shaped cutter to decorate the fruit... Isn't it pretty? It is not difficult at all and adds an extra charm to our super breakfast.

It goes without saying that the fruit that is left over when we cut with the cutter, we eat it all! We hope you like the recipe and are encouraged to prepare it.

pancakes with fruit


  • 150g flour
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of yeast
  • 200 g cream
  • 2 eggs L
  • 50g margarine


  • Kiwi
  • Banana


  • grated coconut

How to make fruit pancakes


  • Mix flour, sugar, salt and yeast.
  • Add the cream, the beaten eggs and the well-beaten margarine. Mix everything until you get a smooth dough without lumps.
  • We prepare a small pan spread with a little margarine, when it starts to be hot we add 3 tablespoons of dough and let it cook.
  • When small bubbles form on the surface of the pancake, turn it over and let it cook for a few seconds. Know more about Panoor Restaurant.


  • Peel the fruit and cut with a cutter in the shape of a flower or with the reason that you like the most.

How to decorate pancakes with fruit

Decorate the pancakes with a little grated coconut and fruit. If you want to try the traditional American pancake recipe, you can watch this video recipe: